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I am a 2D artist working for Radiant Worlds in Leamington. I work on all things Branding, UI, Marketing Artwork and Graphic Design. I have also previously worked for British sci-fi comic 2000 AD, Rebellion, Solaris and Abaddon Books.

Thursday, 4 July 2013


Something ive been meaning to sort out for a while now but for whatever reason I havent because im useless. Anyway I now have a SHOP!!

With that being said my first print is available for purchase. I decided to marry my love of music and art and come up with my very own pieces of artwork inspired by some of my favourite bands. My first print is inspired by Pantera's Far Beyond Driven album. I remember buying this on casette the day it came out when I was a spotty longhaired teenager... Not only is this a tribute to the album itself but its also a nod one of the greatest guitar players ever. May you RIP Dimebag Darrell.

PS. This is the first of many...

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