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I am a 2D artist working for Radiant Worlds in Leamington. I work on all things Branding, UI, Marketing Artwork and Graphic Design. I have also previously worked for British sci-fi comic 2000 AD, Rebellion, Solaris and Abaddon Books.

Monday, 16 February 2015


So, I thought I'd do a post to show how I create my 'tribute' prints... This varies depending on what I am working on but the majority are done in this way. In this instance I have chosen Angel Dust as an example.
The thing that probably takes the longest is the initial idea. So, normally just scrawling a really rough sketch helps me understand how all the elements are going to work together... Sometimes, this takes 15mins but other times it can take longer depending on whether the ideas are working. I wanted to do my take on the bird from the cover of the album (which I believe is an Egret). I thought it would be cool to show the skull of the bird. Kind of exposed and rotting almost. Basically, for no other reason than I like drawing skulls and I thought it would look cool. Read into it what you will...
Once the doodle is done, I then draw all elements tonally so I can make sure everything is working together nicely... If I need to change anything from the initial sketch I do it at this stage as this will be the foundation for the line work.
Next, I go in with the black linework...
Line work detail
Next starting to add some colour to the famous star symbol used by Faith No More. This is instantly recognisable to any fan... Also, looks great from a graphical point of view. Really pops of the page
Starting to add some tones to the bird...
Final touch of colour then painting in the insects...
A bit of grunge added to the background then the typography to the bottom of the page... And were done.
These are available on my shop page along with other prints. Thanks for reading dudes!