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I am a 2D artist working for Radiant Worlds in Leamington. I work on all things Branding, UI, Marketing Artwork and Graphic Design. I have also previously worked for British sci-fi comic 2000 AD, Rebellion, Solaris and Abaddon Books.


School's Out Forever cover art, published by Abaddon Books.

The brief was to have a childs face (my niece by the way) on the cover. The publisher wanted it to convey that the story was set in a future apocolypse. They thought the original (below) was too vague and didn't translate the message very well... Looking back at this now, I agree and am much happier with the way this one came out. This was achieved using photography, textures and painting in photoshop. Yes, that is a real AK-47 (decommissioned).

Original cover

Dark North cover art, published by Abaddon Books.

Blood Ocean cover art, published by Abaddon Books.

Here is my latest bit of cover art for Solaris books. House of Fear, a collection of haunted house stories. due for release in the UK and US soon.

For the logo, I decided use a simple clean serif typeface (Trajan) then jumble/distress the letters to add a more 'spooky/horror' vibe. I am especially proud of the extended knife like elements in the letters H and R. Again, adding to the horror but nice and subtle. I have separated the logo out so you can have a look.

Here is the flat layout with spine and cover.

Latest piece for Abaddon Books. Volume 02 of the Tomes of the Dead omnibus series, due for release in the UK and US. And yes that is me on the cover... Well, if your gonna do a self portrait, you may as well do it as a zombie!

Here is the full design layout with the spine and back cover

My latest piece for Solaris books. Workings also...

Here is my Alan Moore cover for The Complete Future Shocks published by 2000 AD comics. The idea was to create a kind of Tharg/Alan Moore hybrid. Quite pleased with how this one came out... Ive attached my workings/sketches too.

The End of the Line cover art published by Solaris books.

Here is my latest bit of cover art/design for 'The Best of Tomes of the Dead' book. Ive gone for a bright colour palette, giving a retro horror look. Enjoy!

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